16 FebHearts, Hearts, Hearts

This year, I still see many lingering symbols of Valentine’s … mostly I see hearts – pink hearts, red hearts, fancy hearts – hearts, hearts, hearts.

This year too, I have been thinking about hearts. Shown above are some heart cookies  I made to celebrate the day. More than making cookies, however, I have given extensive thought to the real heart – the oxygen, blood pumping organ that keeps us all alive. As my husband recently suffered a major heart attack, our lives have suddenly started revolving around his heart –  checking his heart rate and blood pressure, monitoring his weight for potential fluid buildup, preparing healthier meals, reading food labels, reducing sodium, cheering on his progress at cardiac rehab, learning about his new meds, hoping and praying some of the heart damage can be minimized and/or reversed.  Oh, and did I mention the follow up appointments with the physicians. So much of what we do is now about his heart.

After a major life-threatening event, we all tend to become ultra-focused on prevention. With time, our concern sometimes fades. I am hoping when I see these heart symbols out there, they keep reminding me to help my husband stay on top of his new regimen. So, hearts – red, pink and fancy – keep ‘em coming! Oh, and about the cookies I made, he was allowed a few – unfrosted of course.

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